Canon 50mm f3.5 Macro Review

I love vintage manual focus lenses. I'm actually in the process of writing a three part article just about vintage lenses. They are cheap, they work excellently, and they're built better than their modern equivalents. In short, they are one of the best investments into photography gear you can make. My most recent purchase is a Canon 50mm f3.5 Macro lens for the old FD mount, and this is my review using it with Fujifilm cameras.

The Best Camera Bag That Isn't One: Filson Medium Field Bag

I HATE camera bags. Genuinely, I do. They are made of nylon or polyester sewn together in dark places in the world where people aren't treated very well. They also don't look very good and scream out to potential thieves that you're carrying around a lot of high end camera gear. They also have a tendancy to try to look futuristic or tactical, which isn't really my cup of tea to be honest.

Why I Shoot Fujifilm

Nowadays, you can get a great camera from just about any camera manufacturer. Photographers really are spoiled for choice when it comes to picking a camera system. So, when it came time for me to choose a camera system, I chose Fujifilm. This blog post is an explanation as to why.