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June Internet Roundup

June Internet Roundup


I can't possibly be expected to write ALL of the best articles ALL of the time. Occasionally, I need to reference other brilliant websites who create other brilliant material. This is the first in a new series of posts I'm calling Internet Roundup. These are my favorite articles from last month that are photo related. I hope you enjoy.

1. Here’s a Checklist for Learning How to Retouch Photos Like a Pro

Our first article comes to us from a wonderful website called petapixel.com and it gives you a checklist for retouching photos. This is extremely helpful because retouching photos is an extremely detail oriented thing. Forgetting to do one thing or doing one thing out of order can cause an enormous loss of time and work. Check this out!

2. Shootout: Pro with amateur gear vs amateur with pro gear

I hope you guys understand that the gear doesn't matter and it's the photographer that MAKES the picture. This video is about just that. Watch and enjoy!

3. Mix it Up With These 30 Composition Styles for Photography


Exposure, composition, post-processing, and printing. The four essential elements of photography. It's fair to say that getting any one of them wrong can ruin you photo. This article is all about the second one. I found it very interesting. Check it out!

4. Digital Workflow: Beauty Photography From Start to Finish

Beauty photography very focused on post-processing. Smoothing skin, perfecting makeup, removing blemishes, correcting fly-away hairs, etc. This video is entirely about post-processing a beauty shot from start to finish. This should also help you understand that those perfect shots of your favorite celebrity might not be as authentic as they seem.

5. This is the Best Simple App for Converting Images

Converting images is a continuing issue for photographers. It's something that isn't sexy but it's necessary for posting your images to the web, sending them via email, uploading them to the cloud, etc. This is about a website that makes converting your images easier. 

6. Peak Design Everyday Backpack 20L/30L

Last but not least is a review of the Peak Designs Everyday Backpack. I probably won't ever buy this product, not because it's bad, just because it's not something I have an interest in. I do own several Peak Designs products and I genuinely like them a lot. So this is a review of one of their backpacks that I thought you might enjoy. Check it out!

Impromptu Photo Shoot - Fuji X100S & Rogue Flashbender

Impromptu Photo Shoot - Fuji X100S & Rogue Flashbender

The Best $300 I Ever Spent on Photography Gear... That Isn't Photography Gear

The Best $300 I Ever Spent on Photography Gear... That Isn't Photography Gear