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Photography Journal - September 10, 2017

Photography Journal - September 10, 2017


As you may have heard, we had a little flood down in Houston that has preoccupied quite a bit of my time. Fortunately, my family came through the storm just fine. However, the train was pretty much off the rails down here for around a week. Getting back to normal has been exceptionally difficult, both with work and with photography. 


I was finally able to get out and around to take some pictures today, and I had something special to test out.


I recently purchased a cactus flash system along with a wireless trigger. I'll be doing a full blown review of this system for Fujifilm cameras, but I went out today to test it out because I've recently sold my Fujifilm x100 in order to simplify things, which I'm also doing a blog post about.


the problem is that left me without a camera system capable of killing the sun. No, I don't mean killing the sun in some super-villain-esque plot to end the world. I mean killing the Binet light to produce high speed flash sync photos.


The cactus flash system allows you to do that Fujifilm x100 trick with a Fujifilm XT-2 (widely believed, by me, to be the best camera of all time). So, I took my son to one of my favorite photography locations and took some photos of my son. He needed a nap so it cut our trip short, but I got some decent shots before baby meltdown occurred.

Old Glass For New Sensors - Vintage Lenses Part 1

Old Glass For New Sensors - Vintage Lenses Part 1

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