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Photo Journal - March 4, 2018

Photo Journal - March 4, 2018


I have been in a tremendous photographic slump lately. I'm actually writing a blog post about the steps I'm taking to get out of it. One of the reasons for this is the fact that it has been raining every single weekend on February. We've had nothing but bad weather on my only time off. This means that I've been cooped up inside for about five straight weeks. 


I finally decided that I'd had enough. Rain or no rain, I was going outside. I took my daughter kayaking and hiking on days where the weather was supposed to be tremendously bad, and guess what? We loved it!


I was expecting my daughter to complain about the rain, about the walking, about the mud, about being uncomfortable, but the complaints never came. She loved every minute of it, and I got some great images. I was incredibly proud of my daughter trooping through the rain and the mud and having a great time with it. I know full grown men who would have complained more than my four year old girl. 


The best thing for a creative slump is to create something. Make yourself do it. Force yourself. If you fall into the incredibly unproductive trap of "waiting for your muse" it will almost certainly never come. You will start looking at lenses and new cameras online, you will start watching youtube videos about new gear, you will stagnate, and your camera will gather dust. I'm just as guilty of this as any other photographer.


Instead, you should get out there and create something. That's what I did last week, and after being in a slump for nearly a month, I was able to create images that I'm proud to share with you. I hope this story helps someone out there get out of their slump and start creating. Getting out in the rain is sometimes just the thing you need to get going again. 

Nikon D300 in 2018: Two Days On The Colorado River With A Wet 10 Year Old Camera

Nikon D300 in 2018: Two Days On The Colorado River With A Wet 10 Year Old Camera

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